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I go on too many dates but I can’t make ‘em stay, at least that’s what people say.

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taylor swift at the VMA’s [2008-2014]

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Taylor reacting to Lorde winning a VMA 

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emoji tay »


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the best thing that's ever been mine 

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defs not. thought this for a solid 1.5 years…

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taylor swift is about to slay anybody who ever talked shit about her and kill all the men that ever broke her heart whilst wearing red lipstick high heels and a crop top before she goes home and rolls around in billions of dollars all in this one album

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Diamond Cutters present Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”

this is GOLD

We need to bring awareness to this gold mine. Also, I wish everyone was like this!!!!


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Art Cover for MTV VMA’s 2014:

- Shake It Off

Art Cover because I know some of you will want it :)

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