In October, i’ll be opening Taylor’s album like



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37 days until 1989!
Pre-order it here!

taylorswift I’m so excited. :)

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I live for this smile


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@taylorswift performing at the iHeart Radio Music Festival

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I'll never miss a beat, I'm lightning on my feet

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"She’s extraordinarily determined. She’s really wired for this moment, things she does naturally. It’s not like she has to wake up and say, ‘OK, it’s time to be Taylor.’ That’s who she 
is." - Scott Borchetta

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taylorswift spent her whole evening writing very long comments about how much she loves them on instagram pictures of people who wrote letters to her which a fan at a meet and greet handed to her, so tell me once again what a horrible person she is, i dare you

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Let me know if I’m wrong about thinking that the piano - does it take really that short to set or is it..? I think.. I mean, cause I’m up here trying to pull focus, I won’t pull focus if I don’t have to… Um… David, don’t you think that they should bring that out at the end of the song, while the song is still happening? So about 30 seconds before it happens. Excellent! So I’m gonna go there for the first verse and the first chorus! So I don’t have to be up here for the - uhhhh - So I just have to be up here at the very very end of the song? OK, that’s easier now. OK, before I forget, these shoes are too big! I’ll forget, but they are! Um…OK, cool, you guys wanna go to “Love Story”?
—Taylor Swift asking the real questions during iHeartRadio rehearsals (via officialtaylornation)


Taylor Swift at the iHeartRadio music festival.

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