I love Taylor Swift so much ok this is a known fact!!! but sometimes……it hits me a lil too hard and next thing I know I’m sobbing violently on the floor while listening to Long Live

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like EVER

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personally, I love how far Taylor has come and how she has evolved and changed, musically and in general. but I think part of me will always miss cowgirl Taylor with boots and hats and jeans and summer dresses and bracelets and curly hair and plain old country music

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"I got my first guitar when I was twelve. The day I learned to play was the day I wrote my first song. And I never stopped. I would get home from school and play until my fingers bled." -Taylor Swift

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I think that the worst part of it all wasn’t losing him, it was losing me.

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people throw rocks at things that shine

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"I'll rent a house on the beach or something, bring my girlfriends."

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The Evolution of Taylor Swift’s Voice.

For those who are stuck in 2006, and say Taylor Swift can’t sing, i spent 5 hours making and uploading this video, showing her vocal technique growing through the years (2005-2014). 

Queen herself, Taylor Swift, is an amazing singer, songwritter, producer and she rules world. So take 30 minutes of your life to appreciate the evolution of her live vocals through 9 years of her career.

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Taylor liked this on Instagram lol

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